Sausage & Greens Pasta Recipe


Gather pasta, sausage, and fresh greens. Quality ingredients for a flavorful pasta dish.

Recipe Step 1

Start with sizzling sausage. Showcase the savory aroma as it cooks to perfection.

Recipe Step 2

Add fresh greens for a burst of flavor. Highlight the nutritional value and vibrant colors.

Recipe Step 3

Introduce pasta for the perfect blend. Showcase the easy integration for a satisfying meal.

Recipe Step 4

Infuse flavors with herbs and spices. Highlight the aromatic transformation during cooking.

Recipe Step 5

Emphasize the simplicity of a one-pan meal. Showcase the ease of cooking and cleaning.

Final Step

Highlight how this recipe is a family favorite. Perfect for busy weeknights and satisfying cravings.

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