Homemade Orange Chicken Recipe


Slice chicken, marinate in orange zest, and let the flavors mingle. Prep work for a succulent and zesty outcome.

Recipe Step 1

Sear marinated chicken until golden. Caramelize in a tangy orange glaze for that perfect sweet and savory combo.

Recipe Step 2

Achieve crispy perfection by baking or frying. The golden exterior adds an extra layer of texture to your dish.

Recipe Step 3

Whip up a simple orange sauce. The magic touch that ties the dish together, enhancing both flavor and presentation.

Recipe Step 4

Garnish with green onions and sesame seeds. Serve your Homemade Orange Chicken with a touch of elegance.

Recipe Step 5

Pair with steamed rice or veggies. The versatility of Homemade Orange Chicken makes it a crowd-pleaser.

Final Step

Savor each bite of your homemade creation. This dish brings the vibrant flavors of citrus-infused joy to your dinner table.

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