Crispy Pork Cutlets Recipe


Assemble pork cutlets, breadcrumbs, and seasonings for the foundation of your crispy delight.

Recipe Step 1

Pound and season pork cutlets, ensuring they're perfectly prepped for the breading process.

Recipe Step 2

Set up a breading station with flour, beaten eggs, and breadcrumbs—key to that crispy exterior.

Recipe Step 3

Coat each cutlet in flour, dip in egg, and press into breadcrumbs—building that crunchy layer.

Recipe Step 4

Heat oil in the pan to the perfect temperature, ensuring a golden, crispy finish.

Recipe Step 5

Fry cutlets until golden brown, flipping for an even, irresistible crunch.

Final Step

Plate your Breaded Pork Cutlets and savor the crispy exterior and juicy perfection inside.

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