7 Things to Know Before Taking Your Pup on a Plane


Before the big day, research airline policies, pet travel regulations, and destination-specific requirements. 

Health Check

Visit your veterinarian for a thorough health checkup. Ensure vaccinations are up-to-date, obtain necessary health certificates, and discuss any specific concerns.

Carrier Comfort

Invest in a comfortable and airline-approved pet carrier. Introduce your pup to the carrier beforehand to reduce anxiety during travel.

Direct Flights

Connecting flights may increase travel time and expose your pet to additional handling, potentially causing anxiety and discomfort.


Place a secure identification tag on your pup's collar and ensure the carrier is labeled with your contact information.

Exercise Before Flight

Prioritize pre-flight exercise to help your pup burn off excess energy. A tired dog is more likely to relax during the journey.

Water and Snacks

Hydration is key during air travel. Ensure your pup has access to water, and pack some familiar snacks to provide comfort and maintain their routine.

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