7 Signs Your Dog Is Suffering from Heat Stroke


Excessive panting is a key indicator. Dogs regulate their body temperature through panting, but persistent, heavy panting, especially in hot conditions, may signal heat stroke.

Excessive Drooling

Watch for excessive drooling beyond the norm. If your dog is drooling excessively and it's not related to food or excitement, it could be a warning sign of heat-related distress.


Heat-stressed dogs may exhibit weakness or lethargy. If your dog seems unusually tired or struggles to stand or move, it's crucial to take immediate action.


Vomiting is a serious warning sign. If your dog is vomiting and shows other signs of distress, it's indicative of potential heat stroke. Seek veterinary attention promptly.

Bright Red Gums

Check your dog's gums. Bright red gums or tongue may indicate a problem. Healthy gums should be a pale pink color. Redness can be a sign of overheating.

Rapid Heart Rate

Monitor your dog's heart rate. A rapid heart rate, especially when combined with other warning signs, can be indicative of heat stroke. Seek shade and cool your dog down immediately.


If your dog collapses or experiences seizures, it's a severe emergency. Immediate veterinary attention is crucial. Keep your dog cool while transporting to the vet.

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